People & Culture Strategy

A successful business doesn’t just need to hire the right people – it needs to hire the right number of people at the right time in the right positions. For this, you need to put in place a HR strategy that supports your long-term business plan.

We can help you develop an organisational strategy that strengthens your business, whether you want to scale up, sell up or diversify.


Quinton Anthony take the time to understand the company vision, values and culture, ensuring they understand and deliver on our needs.

Human Resources Manager, Global Construction & Infrastructure Group

Diversity & Inclusion    

To have the best chance of lasting business success, you need diversity of thought, experience and backgrounds within your organisation to improve productivity and innovate for the future.
At Quinton Anthony, we can help your business create the right culture to thrive, providing gender/cultural bias training and objective recruiting and promotions strategies to help you source and retain the best people for your organisation.

Reward &

Developing the salary banding for your business will help you assess the types of role and grades you need to attract and retain the best. Using our unrivalled Market Appraisal and Competitor Analysis processes, we can help you create a framework to get the data you need to benchmark your salary, reward and benefit packages. We can also help you develop your internal recognition processes to boost staff retention.  

People Data & Analytics

At Quinton Anthony we believe in helping you make informed decisions based on empirical evidence, not hunches.
Using the systems you already have in place to capture organisational information – from payroll to performance data – we compare and analyse the numbers to help you build a compelling true picture of your organisation. From there, we assist you to develop programs that meet your needs. 

Workforce Engagement

With years of relevant industry experience in industrial and employee relations, we can provide practical operational support as well as advising on the Employee Relations strategy for your business.

We can provide ongoing support in the following areas:

Advice on the application of the Fair Work Act, Modern Awards and National Employment Standards, Building Code and State-specific requirements
Negotiating workplace agreements with employees and unions on your behalf, including project-specific Industrial Relations management
Developing employee relations strategies, including reward and benefits plans and internal recognition programs to help retain great teams
Specific construction and engineering support such as reviewing tender submissions and helping you draft project documentation

HR Outsourcing

We partner with you to provide a range of HR services that address the specific needs of your organisation, allowing you to focus productively on managing your business.

We can provide you with on-call advice and support from experienced HR specialists that will cost effectively assist your day-to-day management of operational issues.

We also offer more in-depth HR project consulting that responds to specific workplace challenges in areas including performance management, industrial relations, workforce planning, HRIS systems, policies and procedures and employee engagement.